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       The High Sped Rail project is an economic disaster for California. The cost of this project was not fully disclosed to the voters when they voted for Proposition 1A which authorized funding for the project. The updated cost is projected at over $200,000,000,000.00 (2 hundred billion dollars). This updated cost is based on the actual cost of construction of small portions of the project in the valley. Proposition 1A authorized 20 billion for the entire project and can not complete the project with 20 billion in funding. The project will never pay for itself, because the cost of a ticket will be too expensive and there are no guarantee enough people will actually use the system.

If you need to get to L A in a hurry, take a plane.

There is no sense is throwing good money after bad money. It is time to abolish the Authority and ask the voters to cancel Proposition 1A.



        The Delta Tunnel Project is another economic disaster for California. The cost of this project was estimated at 17 billion dollars to make it appear reasonable. The purpose of the project is to divert water to Southern California and farmers in the valley. The planners of the project have fraudulently failed to inform us of the true cost of the project and the true impact to the environment. 

The Delta farmlands and the surrounding wildlife habitat, the San Francisco Bay and the water quality for several water districts will be adversely affected by this project. Diverting any water from the delta reduces the available fresh water for farming, fish migration and drinking. The existing delta pumps have had their operation reduced, because of water quality issues.

A more accurate cost of the tunnel project is $180,000,000,000 (180 billion dollars), as shown by the cost of comparable tunnel projects. The proponents have stated users of the water would pay for its costs, but that's not true. A state audit of the project revealed Governor Brown diverted at least 50 million dollars from other state programs to help fund the design of the tunnel project. This is just the tip of the ice berg, since more money has been spent of the project since the audit.

Water conservation, water purification and water storage are better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the proposed delta tunnel project. The recently enacted Proposition 1 regarding water projects addresses this issue.

The project will never pay for itself. There is no sense in throwing good money after bad. Its time to abolish the delta tunnel project.



These laws are a knee jerk-screw President Trump action by the Democrats. These laws do nothing for the immigrant and interfere with Immigration people performing their duties. All immigrants are required to sign in, before being admitted to America. The DACA people always knew they had to sign in and obtain their papers.

The cost of a Work Visa is $500. The cost of a Green Card is $500. The cost of an application for Citizenship is $500. There are numerous immigration attorneys to help the immigrant with any glitch in his paper work. The immigration attorneys are hard working, very successful and reasonable. It is every immigrants duty to sign in and obtain the proper paper work.

                         EVERY IMMIGRANT MUST SIGN IN - NO EXCUSES!

All sanctuary state and city laws must be repealed.


The recent disaster at the Oroville Dam has revealed the incompetent management of the Water Department. The operation of the Clifton Fore Bay Pumping plant and the protection of all fish using the delta and the Sacramento River are further indication of incompetent management.

The Water Department neglected routine maintenance and necessary repairs for years at the dam and at the pumping plant. The state is spending over $500,000,000 (500 million) to fix the spillway problem and this amount may not be enough to bring the dam up to todays standards. Apparently the Water Department has been operating for decades with no real oversight or inspection.

It is time to abolish the Water Department and break it up and make it fully accountable for its operation.


This is another irresponsible action on the part of the present administration. This new gas tax adds to the cost of transportation for all of us - whether you are driving a truck or commuting to and from work. There is no evidence that that this tax is improving our roads or provides for significant funding for traffic congestion relief. Already this administration has diverted revenue from this tax to pay for other budget items like subsidizing health care insurance premiums. This new gas tax only takes your money and doesn't relieve traffic congestion or expand road capacity

It is time to repeal the newly enacted gas tax.



Presently gas taxes go into the general fund with no guarantee all the gas tax will be spent on improving roads or relieving traffic congestion or expanding road capacity. This administration has routinely diverted gas tax money to other budget items every year and drivers have suffered with pot holes and bad roads.

It is time to establish a trust fund to ensure all gas taxes are used to improve roads, relieve traffic congestion and expand road capacity.



The PUC has rewarded incompetently managed utilities for a decade. The public (rate payers) have bailed out the utilities for mismanagement of the utilities for a decade. It is time for the utilities to square the pot with the public. The PUC has failed to help the ratepayers and not demonstrated any interest in helping the ratepayers. One way to help the ratepayers is to eliminate all third tier pricing in the various rates charged by the utilities and doubling the allowable usage in the first tier pricing. Another way is to stop all "up front" payments to the utilities for work that they haven't performed. Another way is to perform rigorous audits of utility expenditures.

The only way to ensure lower rates is to replace the existing PUC with people who can protect the public.


Governor Brown has not done anything to reduce the damages from wild fires. He diverted $10,000,000.00 from the wild fire prevention budget to help fund his study on the Delta Water Tunnel Project, according to the state auditor. He hasn't enacted any legislation to make homes less vulnerable to wild fires. He hasn't directed sufficient wild fire protection measures be in place before the wild fire season begins. This is incompetent management. Every year Governor Brown was in office, California had a fire season and last year was the worst. His failure to address wild fire prevention greatly contributed to California's wild fire disasters. 


The gun control laws in California are not preventing schools from being targets of violence. Schools need additional security to protect the children from harm. This can be accomplished by parent volunteers or by hired security firms. This additional security protection for the children could be in place by the start of the year.


For over 10 years in doing business with various public agencies, I have incorporated their no violence, no harassment and no bullying into my contracts. I have trained my employees to practice safe and responsible conduct with all people - no matter their color, their gender ,their religion or their beliefs. I have employed tradesmen of all color, all religions, all beliefs both men and women. These people have all been treated equally in pay and in respect. I will continue the fight to condemn violence in California.


This legislation is massive incompetent management and a direct threat to the safety of all people in California. The cash bail system has worked for decades with court control. The  suspect has been paying for bail bond and the bondsman has been guaranteeing the suspect appears in court. This is all under the supervision of the court. Now the suspect is not paying for bail and the court is losing control over insuring the suspect makes his court appearance. You and I are on the hook for any costs associated with enforcing the no cash bail, SB10 - including all administrative costs. These administrators have no experience and no expertise in dealing with criminal suspects who may not show up for their court date.

If the poor who can't afford bail and want bail, the proper method is to establish a surcharge to the present bail cost and set up a trust fund to cover the cost of those who can't afford bail. This will ensure you and I aren't going to pay for the bail. The court has complete control of this process and can be assured a licensed bondsman will make sure the suspect appears in court. This is the safest solution for all California.


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